Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Purpose - Part 2

We had talked on the phone. He had just been diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. The call had been arranged through mutual friends, and he wanted to know about my experience and treatment. I liked him and we had things in common: he loved his family, he loved his wife, and he loved Jesus. He also was intent on beating lung cancer but knew the odds were against him. Now just ten months later, his journey has come to an end. Cancer has taken another one.

Although I knew none of his treatments had been successful at slowing or stopping the cancer, the news of his passing made me stop and think. Two men traveling the same road. One's journey has come to an end; the other's continues. God's plan and purpose is unique for each man. One plan and purpose has been completed; the other marches on, but what is the reason?

I still struggle with what God's plan and purpose in all of this can be. Sometimes I think I understand it, but then I think that there has to be more to it. I know that God is working and that somehow, some way all of this will be for His glory. That does not make it any easier. These thoughts were churning in my mind as I walked one day, and I just started to talk to God, and I just asked, "Is that all there is, or is there another purpose?" From nowhere came that same voice that I have heard before: "They're watching," was all it said. I still do not know who they are, but somewhere there is someone watching me. How I handle this battle against my faith will impact someone's life.

I believe that God's plan is perfect and unchanging. He has one singular plan, but His plan encompasses more than one purpose. Each day that I continue this journey, I turn another page in God's plan, but His purpose may change from day to day. I have to be prepared and available to be a part of God's purpose each day.


  1. I always appreciate your candor, Chris.
    Love to you and DeLayne, and of course I continue to keep you in my prayers.

  2. It is reality fact. I believe that The lord's strategy is ideal and constant. He has one unique strategy, but His strategy involves more than one objective. Each day that I proceed this voyage, I convert another web page in The lord's strategy, but His objective may modify from day to day.